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PIna Colada Tres Leches

Grilled pineapple in a coconut tres leches cake. Topped with pineapple whip.

Contains Alcohol

Banana Tacos

roasted bananas in caramel sauce, vanilla wafer crumbles, vanilla pudding, chantilly cream, sea salt, all in a taco shell

contains dairy



Saturday Morning Cartoons

house made strawberry oat milk with choice of fruit loops, cocoa puffs, or cinnamon toast crunch

contains gluten

Savory Granola

layered house-made oatmeal, pepitas, almond, cornmeal and fried garlic chip granola, white truffle oil and hot honey, greek yogurt, cucumber, tomato, roasted yellow corn, and Roma tomatoes. Seasoned with thyme, fennel, and sumac.

contains nuts/allium

Savory Bread Pudding

your classic bread pudding but with bacon, breakfast sausage, veggies, and spices; covered in a bacon fat-white gravy.


Johnny Cakes

a southern-style corn meal pancake made with biscoff cookies served with a butterfinger molasses butter, and breakfast syrup

contains dairy

Spam & Egg McMuffin

fried thick cut spam, two fried eggs, and applewood bacon and gooey 'merican cheese on an English muffin with creole mustard, a side hashbrown

contains dairy, allium

Krab Cakes Benedict

two three-ounce imitation krab cakes with poached eggs, drenched in sweetcorn hollandaise and a hashbrown.

contains allium

Steak and Eggs

six ounce teres major steak with chimichurri, hash brown, and a poached egg.

contain allium

Basic Bitch

just the basics: 2 eggs, choice of bacon or spam, hash brown.



SATURDAY    AND    SUNDAY      11-4

Toga Party Popcorn

togarashi, chinese 5 spice, furikake, salt, sugar,


Chicken Dinner Popcorn

chicken bouillon, mashed potato flakes, thyme, sage, onion, garlic, pepper


Pimento Cheese

southern cheese dip. cream cheese, mayo, extra sharp cheddar, pimento, hot sauce, and spices. served with ritz crackers

contains dairy. allium

Big Mac Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs with ground beef, shreaddice, and special sauce


Tots and Caviar

potato tot cake, mexican crema, and black caviar


Vegan Ceviche

lime, sake and pineapple marinated cucumber, chickpeas, hearts of palm, with sesame oil watermelon, pickled watermelon rind, housemade vegan soy sauce and a cantaloupe corn drizzle, served with our corn chips


Fried Mushrooms

battered oyster mushrooms fried and served with a jalapeño crema

gluten free

Wedge Salad

iceberg lettuce, blue cheese vinaigrette, chicharron, cherry tomato, pickled watermelon rind cured egg yolk


Katsu Sando

pork katsu, pimento cheese egg salad, asian slaw, tonkatsu sauce, served with a side of fries


Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese

the classic dip put in between sourdough bread and grilled with cheese. Yep.


Carrot Dog

mushroom & miso braised then grilled carrot, vegan coleslaw, banana peel bacon, pickled celery and pineapple, potato sticks, vegan bbq sauce, in a vegan bun

allium, celery

Birria Crunchwrap 

beef braised in Chile and spices crunchy tortilla refried beans cojita and corn served with a lime cilantro onion and consume


Greens and Thank you Burger

green chile pimento cheese, green chile dusted fried chicken skin, green chile burger, pineapple chile creole mustard, green chile jelly, coleslaw

dairy, gluten, allium

Steak Frites

12oz teres major steak cooked med rare, chimichurri, served with a side of fries


Cordi B

chicken cordon bleu stuffed with spam and provolone, msg caramel sauce, side of snap peas sautéed in crunchy garlic and thyme oil



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