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Surf and Turf Toast 

spam and shrimp minced with black garlic, lemon grass, and spices - fried up and served with a spicy garlic sweet corn purée 

Allergies: Allum, Shellfish, Pork, gluten

Lettuce Wraps 

Za’atar spiced grilled chicken with eggplant carrots parsnips carrots tomatoes cucumbers onions on a bed of butter lettuce with a creamy black garlic &  mint dressing topped with piñon

Allergies: Nightshade, Allum, Nut. Can Be Vegan

Blooming Onion 

deep fried onion served with a fancy Chinese 5 spice ranch

Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Allum, Celery Salt, Citrus. Can Be Vegan

Black Eyed Pea Hummus 

garlic and black eyed pea hummus served with grilled and raw veggies

Vegan. Allergens: Allum, Nightshade, Sesame, Citrus

Ratatouille Style Salad

eggplant, celery, celery root, white and purple onion, yellow squash, sautéed together then served on a bed of arugula and couscous with a roasted tomato goat milk beet ginger vinaigrette 

Vegetarian. Allergens: Dairy, Allum, Gluten. Can be Vegan

Elote Mussels 

mussels and roasted corn served elote style with a spicy and creamy white wine broth served with a grilled lime,  cojita cheese,  and bread 

Pescatarian. Allergens: Shellfish, Dairy, Alcohol

Crab Rangoon Pot Pie

fresh and imitation crab mix with bell peppers roasted corn and scallions in a cream cheese sauce served in a puff pastry served with a side salad

Pescatarian. Allergens: Shellfish, Allum, Gluten, Dairy

Roasted Chicken

roasted chicken dusted with onion and buttermilk powder bright citrus salt served on a bed of grits butter beans black eye peas and tarragon tomatoes 

Allergens: Allum, Dairy, Citrus

Bahn Mi Crunchwrap 

cilantro pesto marinated chicken with a Asian slaw, wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with a cucumber cilantro pesto ranch 

Allergens: Gluten, Allum, Dairy, Citrus, Nut, Celery

Vegan Mac and Cheese 

vegan cheese sauce served with shells and topped with chorizo spiced mushrooms 

Vegan. Allergens: Gluten, Nut

CFS burger 

chicken fried steak burger patty with house made chips dusted in buttermilk powder and smoked peppercorns, garlic dill pickle chips, country white gravy, and bacon fat creole mustard Mayo - served with a side of white gravy to dip your burger in 

Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Pork, Mayo

Steak Frites 

hanger Steak cooked your way served with chimichurri and fries 

Allergens: Dairy, Allum

Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese 

spinach and artichoke goat and parmesan cheese grilled with white American cheese - it’s like spin art dip and a grilled cheese Sammy had a baby

Vegetarian. Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Allum


Ridiculous Carrot cake 

grilled, fried and fresh carrots baked into a cake with drunk raisins topped with carrot ribbons 

Allergens: Dairy, Alcohol

Chocolate salted peanut pie

chocolate pie with peanuts and a pork fat crust - served with bacon fat caramel and whiskey whip cream 

Allergens: Pork, Caramel, Gluten, Alcohol, Dairy, Nuts



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