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Made entirely with Nero d'Avola, this refreshing rosato offers aromas and flavors of juicy red cherry and raspberry. Bright acidity.

Sicily n' Sardinia, Italy

Manzanilla Sherry

Dry, with autolytic yeasty notes, gentle green olives and moderate acidity. Refreshing start, with a bright juiciness of apples and citrus.

Jerez, Andalucia, Spain


Green apple, light pear and grassy aromas kick off the nose. Vinous character and a slightly tinny minerality.

California, USA

Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Both fruity and well balanced, this charming, light-bodied wine offers crisp-apple aromas and white-peach flavors on a lively, easy-to-like palate.

California, USA


Monica di Sardegna

'Perdera' is a blend of Monica, Carignano and Bovale Sardo, Monica being the dominant grape. This wine has soft, fresh, juicy black and red fruit, subtle herbal notes, and a soft, easy-drinking style, along with aromas and flavors of blackberry, red cherry, red plum, and dill with lively acidity and soft, dusty tannins.

Argiolas, Italy


On the nose cherry, raspberries, subtle strawberries, with some leather, earth tones and oak. On the palate cherries, strawberries and oak. Slightly acidic, medium bodied, low tannins and fairly dry.

Anciano, Spain

Pinot Noir

A delicious fruit forward Pinot noir. A bit on the lighter side with a dark rust color in the glass. Notes of cherry and oak on the nose that follow into the palate. A bit of earthy ness to it as well.

California, USA


Brut Rosé Cava

Intense attractive red currant colour with bluish tonalities giving off light bubbles and a persistent crown. Touched by red fruit such as cherries and blackberries, with a background of plum and fig preserve and light evolution characters of yeast. In the mouth it maintains young, fruity, fresh, smooth and elegant overall.

Gran Sarao, Spain

Brut Cava

Clear white sparkling wine that is light straw and clear rim and low mousse medium tearing. Clean moderate intensity Scents of passion fruit, green apple, pear and grapefruit pith, dusty stone. Flavors are dry, high acidity and medium finish.

Conquilla, Spain




housemade bitter lemon tonic made with citrus stock, burdock root, lemongrass

Citrus-y and earthy

Chris Barley

roasted barley, buckwheat, cassia seed, garam masala, cranberries, molasses - highball style

Earthy and refreshing

Eight dollar Lap Dance

lapsang souchong, white peach, sex potion #9 bitters

Smoky and rich

Ginger Spice

house pressed ginger juice - carbonated

Cirtus and spicy

No Shrubs

Strawberry shrub with chamomile tea served carbonated

Fruity and refreshing

Pi Sigma Lambda

a boozy pumpkin spice latte: rum, oat milk, coffee, brown sugar, vanilla, pumpkin spice blend

Spiced, Rich

Young Grasshopper

Vodka, Mint, Coconut, Chocolate, Pandan

Minty, Creamy

One in a Melon

gin, rock cantelope, thai chili, lemon, soda

light and citrusy with a slight hint of chili


tequiliana, ginger, lime, blackcurrant, grapefruit, cinnamon, spices

spicy ginger, citrusy, fun

Happy Nooner

vodka, soda, pineapple, cream soda. Topped with coconut cream

dry, crushable and refreshing

Goo Goo For Suzu

gin, barrel aged gin, Calpico Japanese yogurt soda, gooseberry, yuzu, togarashi

fruity, rich, slight spice

What's Good Here

rum, coconut, spicy house pressed ginger

spicy and tropical

Maid of Clarity

tequiliana, mint, cucumber bitters, clarified lime; Kapri Robinson's clarified and carbonated take on a classic

refreshing, lightly herbaceous


vodka, house made bitter lemon tonic

Bright citrus, earthy, bitter

You're A Fine Girl

it's a brandy cream soda with a butterscotch foam

Bubbly and refreshing

Root 66

whiskey, tart cherry cinnamon, licorice, served carbonated

Light and refreshing, earthy

Beer Fairy

house made absinthe and rootbeer served on draft - it's like an adult root beer float with a kick.

Herbal and crushable

Whiskey Kola

the best whiskey and coke you’ll ever have. Whiskey, house kola, hickory smoke, served with a side of peanuts, southern style

Boozy, bubbly and smoky

Absinthe Minded

absinthe, eucalyptus, elderflower, mint, sparkling wine

Herbal, light and refreshing

"It's Toe-Mae-Toe"

Custom-distilled tomato, olive, and bay leaf gin, black-pepper infused vermouth, tomato water, garnished with red chive oil. A savory cocktail from Kapri Robinson of Allegory in Washington, D.C.

boozy, rich, savory

White Peach Old Fashioned

Mighty Mike's favorite: rye whiskey, aged rum, peach, cardamom bitters. All proceeds go to benefit Mighty Mike's recovery from open heart surgery!

Bold, boozy, rich

Hey, Handsome

cask strength whiskey, artichoke amaro, Xtabentún liqueur (honey and anise), sweet vermouth

Boozy, rich, bitter, flavorful

Oaxacan Old Fashioned

tequilana, mezcal, agave, orange and chocolate bitters

Boozy, smoky, bold

Awww, Shucks

mezcal, rye whiskey, sweet corn agave syrup, gochujang bitters

Boozy and rich

Pizza on the Beach at Sunrise

it doesn't taste like pizza... sherry cask aged reposado raicilla agave spirit, absinthe, dry vermouth, coconut, tomato, basil, balsamic

Boozy, rich and savory

Hot Date with a Fun Guy

tequilana, mezcal, pedro jimenez sherry, cardamaro, mushroom, fig, date, mushroom cotton candy

Boozy, rich and umami

What’s Your Sign?

palo santo infused whiskey, oloroso sherry, bitters

Boozy, rich and earthy

Could you Beet Loved?

funky Pot still Jamaican rum, beet, ginger, cantaloupe, apple cider vinegar, lemon, clarified with goats milk whey

Funky rich and savory

Oreo Negroni

Oreo fat washed gin, red bitter aperitif, sweet vermouth (doesn't taste like a cookie)

Boozy & bitter

It’s About Damn Thyme…

barrel aged gin, cocchi rossa aperitif, fennel, thyme, chocolate bitters

Boozy, savory

Dirty Talk

gin, vermouth, leeks, olives, rosemary, garlic

Boozy, rich and savory

Accidentally Loopy

clarified milk punch made with Fruit Loop infused vodka, pineapple, coriander, lemon

Fruity and citrusy

The Claw

vodka, strawberry, kiwi, soda - think white claw but better

Light, refreshing

Hey Love

gin, lychee, coconut, sparkling sake garnished with a taste changing electric dust

Light with tropical fruit

75 Bananas

brandy soaked with ripe baby bananas, green bananas, green and ripe plantains, brown butter, lemon, sparkling wine - a French 75 gone bananas

Effervescent and sophisticated

Daddy Got New Boots

tequilana, soda water, tamarind and mandarin. Think an agave based White Claw or a Fruity Ranch Water

Fruity Ranch Water

Pornstar Martini

vodka, passionfruit, lime, vanilla, served with a side of sparkling wine

fruity, tart, sweet

Bitter Courage

gin, bitter orange aperitif, limes, salt and pepper built caipirinha style

Citrus, bitter, refreshing

Gin Tonic

let us ruin you for every other G&T you’ll ever have with our house gin and infamous homemade tonic syrup

Bright, citrus, bubbly

You Have Been Cleansed

palo santo infused whiskey, madeira, PPOG (papaya, passionfruit, orange, guava) juice, cinnamon, egg white

Tropical, juice-y, rich round finish

Beach, Don’t Kill My Vibe

rum blend, PPOG (papaya, passionfruit, orange, guava) juice, purple ube and coconut milk

Creamy, tropical

Sherry Limeade

blend of three sherries (manzanilla, oloroso, pedro jimenez), lime, crushed ice

Light, refreshing, low ABV, crusher

Funky Cold Madeira

madeira, black currant, cardamom bitters, lime - with a spritz of funky Jamaican rum

Dried fruit, bright citrus

For the Gram

vodka, mint, cucumber, dill, genepy, lime - garnished with a cucumber bubble - yes it's the new bubble drink

citrus and herbal

Posh Spice

tequiliana, five spice, persimmon, lime served with a salt air

margarita with spices

Sinners and Saints

artichoke amaro, elderflower liqueur, topped with Cava. A bold and bitter sipper from Kapri Robinson!

bitter, herbal, floral

Happy Little Accidents

tequilana, rum, li hing mui, guava, lemon, topped with passion fruit foam

Fruity and salty

Old Fashioned Elvis

banana brandy, peanut butter syrup, chocolate bitters, garnished with bacon lollipop

Boozy, nutty and savory

Not a Real Blonde

vodka, dry vermouth, lychee, pear, dragon fruit drops - a sophisticated version of a lychee martini

Boozy and fruity

Rum Old Fashioned

aged rum, brown sugar syrup, tiki bitters

Boozy and rich

Thai Tea White Tea

vodka, chai tea, Thai tea, coffee, coconut foam - a boozy dirty chai

Rich and refreshing

Knotty by Nature

a mai tai riff with a blend of rums, pistachio orgeat, sumac tincture, champagne acid

Savory and bright

She thinks my tractor is sexy

Blend of rum and cask strength whiskey, pineapple two ways, espresso, hickory smoke

Tropical, rich and savory

She’s Out of Your League

a boozy shot of bubble gum vodka

Bubble gum bitches

Too Old for This Shit

our take on what a green tea shot should be. A boozy shot of genmaicha (Japanese brown rice green tea) infused whiskey, lychee and yuzu.

elegant and flavorful
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