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Who is She?

Curry leaf infused brandy, cocchi amaricano, mustard seed, salt

a sophisticated, savory, and aromatic martini like sipper - her name is Brandy

One & Done

4 year aged rum, Pedro Ximenez, Byrrh, Tart Cherry

Spirituous, rich, complex. All you could ever need or want.

Dirty Talk

blend of olive, garlic, leek, and rosemary gins, dry vermouth

This is not the dirty martini you’re looking for. Rich and savory.

Hot Date With Fun Guy

mushroom infused tequiliana and mezcal, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Caradamaro, figs and dates

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like soup.” Umami and spirit-forward.

Boyz to the Yard

espadin mezcal infused with cocoa puff cereal, espresso, fennel, orange, lemon. Clarified milk punch

Cocoa Puffs get upgraded to first class on an international flight.

Michelin Man

marshmallow gin, white truffle oil, lemon, lime, heavy cream, egg white

Get Puf’d. Marshmallow and white truffle ramos gin fizz

Oreo Negroni

oreo distilled gin, red bitter, sweet vermouth

Hits like a classic Negroni, finishes like a classic Oreo

Influencers in the Wild

white miso and butterscotch whiskey, amontillado sherry, black walnut bitters

Robust and round, savory umami

Passenger Side (of my Best Friend’s Ride)

tequiliana, pineapple, bell pepper and pineapple shrub

What a shrub should actually taste like

Lyrical Thesis

bacanora agave spirit, lacto-fermented tomatoes, cocchi rosa, cantaloupe, persimmon, salt

Take a casual trip to flavortown with us

Yankee Candle Ocean Air

nori-infused gin, cucumber vermouth, orange bitters, saline

Like a nice walk on the beach in a glass

Pick Your Path

genmaicha green tea infused whiskey, lychee, yuzu

Choose your direction: highball or spirit forward

Aww Shucks

rye whiskey, espadin mezcal, corn, agave, gojuchong tincture

Corn straight from the grill. Smoky, spicy, spirit-forward

Unforbidden Fruit

rum, manzanilla sherry, cold pressed green apple, cashew, fenugreek

The best Apple-tini you could imagine

Hey Handsome

whiskey, artichoke amaro, xabantun, sweet vermouth

Layered whiskey sipper; anise and honey linger


Smoked Whiskey Kola

Whiskey, sugar cane kola, hickory smoke, cardamom bitters, side of peanuts

Put the peanuts in the kola. Its a thing

The Yuzual

tequiliana, soda, pear, yuzu

Light, refreshing, and essenced with yuzu

Needle & Thread

whiskey, madeira, lemongrass, guanabana, pine

we had to google guanabana too

Sherry Limeaid

oloroso, manzanilla, pedro ximenez sherry, lime

Light and refreshing low ABV crusher

Accidentally Loopy

vodka, fruit loops, pineapple, coriander, lemon, clarified milk punch

Tastes like Saturday morning cartoons with an age restriction

Hey Love

gin, lychee, coconut, sparkling sake, electric dust

we’ll make a gin drinker out of you yet

Pornstar Martini

Vodka, vanilla, passionfruit, lime, sidecar of sparkling wine

Juicy and approachable - just like a pornstar.

Happy Little Accidents

tequiliana, ling hui mui infused rum, guava, lemon, passionfruit foam

Everything you want in a glass: juicy, tropical, hit of salt

Be Mighty

rye whiskey, aged rum, white peach, cardamom bitters


Beer Fairy

absinthe, root beer, coconut foam

Fuck yeah we did.

Spa Water

vodka, cucumber, lemon, celery bitters, carbonated

If your spa could serve booze

Espresso Martini

vodka, espresso, cold brew, vanilla, served via high pressure nitro with coconut cream on top

If you want to know why it’s the best, ask for Zach.

Gin and Tonic

gin, house-made tonic

This will ruin you for all future gin and tonics.

One in a Melon

thai-chili infused gin, cantaloupe, lemon, carbonated

Spicy not-spicy juicy refresher

What’s Good Here

rum, spicy ginger, coconut. carbonated

It’s what’s good here. The best dark and stormy

Bitter Courage

gin, happerol, muddled lime, salt, fresh cracked black pepper. Served caprihinia-style

The drink with a decade-long cult following. See why


vodka, calpico japanese soda, lavender, ube - served carbonated

Finally, a drink with a kiss of lavender

Swipe Right

blend of rums, macadamia and toasted coconut orgeat, dry curaçao, lime

Trader Vic would be jealous.

Sorry Not Sorry

cilantro infused espadin mezcal, dry curaçao, lime

Not at all sorry that there’s cilantro in here because it’s DELICIOUS

Making Love at Midnight

cinnamon toast crunch infused blend of rums, pineapple, coconut

If you like Pina coladas…

You're A Fine Girl

brandy, cream soda carbonated

Sounds heavy, drinks light


vodka, black tea, condensed milk, vanilla, peach boba

Boozy black tea with popping peach boba. Need we say more?


Mango Slushi

a tequiliana mango tamarind slushi, local red chile honey rim from The Honey Shack, topped with red chile tajin mango chunks

light, refreshing, with a tad bit of heat

Watermelon Frosé (All Day)

fresh watermelon, rose wine, vodka, served FROZEN and garnished with rosé compressed watermelon

Light, Refreshing




Orange Juice

Fresh squeezed to order

Fruit to glass

Strawberry Milk

an old school favorite made in house. Nesquik ain't got nothin

it's vegan too

French Press Coffee

12oz french press for the table

locally roasted from Slow Burn

Bloody Mary

vodka and house made bloody mary mix

A timeless brunch classic.


Sparkling wine and fresh squeezed orange juice

let your brunch flag fly

Pho-dy Mary

vodka, house made bloody mary mix, Pho broth, sesame oil

it's pho-king delicious

Turkish Carajillo

tequiliana, coffee, spanish style vanilla liquor, cardamom



bread and peanutbutter infused whiskey, condensed milk, blackcurrant

we packed a little snack for you


No take backsies.

Rotating - ask your bartender

$8 Lap Dance

lapsang souchong tea, peach, sex potion #9 bitters

Smoky, Old-fashioned style Non-Alcoholic

Ginger Spice

spicy ginger,

Bites back without the repercussions. Non-alcoholic

Chris Barley

carbonated brew of roasted barley, buckwheat, cassia seed, garam masala, hops

For all those beer drinkers out there. Earthy and hopped. Non-alcoholic

Matcha Do About Nothing

Matcha, pear, lemon, grains of paradise. Clarified milk punch

Shakespeare would be pleased. Non-Alcoholic

London Girl Lost

Red bell pepper, pineapple, soda water, passionfruit foam.

Light and Refreshing
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